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Website Revamp

Website Revamp

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This service is for those who’ve already received a previous website construction and want a new look. This service consists of:

  • Up to 5 pages
  • 3 fully customized website banners
  • Up to 10 product updates (photos, descriptions, pricing, product options, etc)
  • Collections Setup
  • SEO Setup
  • Instagram Integration
  • Mobile Compatibility

You must have a domain (ex: and Shopify/Wix account and plan ready upon purchasing.

Please email the follow information to the fullest extent so there’s a guarantee of project execution.

  1. Account Login
  2. Typed out content for each page
  3. Product names, product descriptions, and pricing.
  4. Shipping fees, shipping policies, and order policies 
  5. Business Name
  6. Social Media(s)
  7. Color Scheme * VISIT ‘COLORHUNT.CO’ FOR A VARIETY OF COLOR PALETTES & HEX CODES! * Hover the mouse over your desired color and you will see a hashtag (#) followed by a few numbers and/or letters. Ex: #123ABC. That will be your color hex code. Record those for each color you desire.
  8. Project Description (titles, theme, body text, etc.)
  9. Project Inspiration/Vision (transparent logo, photos, mood boards, etc.)
  10. Fonts * VISIT ‘DAFONT.COM’ FOR A VARIETY OF FONTS! Find your desired font(s)and record the names of each. No more than 3.
  11. Describe your brand & target audience.
  12. High quality photos if they are not professional. No blurry or filtered media.

If you (the client) want me (the designer) to freestyle your project, meaning taking full creative direction there will be no free revisions if unsatisfied. In order to resume your project you (the client) must book and check out a revision fee. This will be found in ‘Extras.’

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